Systems produced in accordance with:
EC directive 2006/42/EC;
ATEX product directive 94/9/EC.


AVA Maschinen Service GmbH

Werner-Heisenberg-Str. 13
68519 Viernheim

Tel. +49 (0)6204 / 78985-80
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Managing Director: Peter Zwickl


Semi-automatic machines

This is your introduction to industrial filling and packaging of aerosol cans. The range of our semi-automatic machines offers a high level of performance with good quality and production reliability.

Our product range comprises:

  • C20 crimper for glass bottle valves
  • C-120 SA-1 semiautomatic clincher
  • TF-500 semiautomatic fuel gas fillerMax. fill quantity 340ml (other sizes on enquiry)
  • PF-600 semiautomatic product filler Max. fill quantity 475ml (other sizes on enquiry)
  • 40T semiautomatic warm water test bath