Systems produced in accordance with:
EC directive 2006/42/EC;
ATEX product directive 94/9/EC.


AVA Maschinen Service GmbH

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68519 Viernheim

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Managing Director: Peter Zwickl


Fully automatic machines and systems

With our fully automatic machines and systems you can industrially process aerosol cans and can be assured of a high operating comfort as well as high production reliability. If required, the production lines may also be adapted to the needs of our customers and the local conditions. The machines and systems comply with the most recent EU guidelines and ATEX product guidelines and in addition have a very long life. The output ranges between 7,200 and 80,000 cans per day
(depending on filling volume, product properties, and capacity utilisation of the machine).

Expert 60L:
timed-cycle line machine with transport pin chain, format range 35 to 74. Can be fitted with: ball filler, max. 4 product fillers, valve fitter with valve control, 1 clincher and closing device for glass bottle valves, max. 4 fuel gas fillers. Output: approx. 50 cans/min

Expert 12 / 16 / 20 / 24:
this Expert range includes timed-cycle rotary machines. The machines differ in terms of size and in their fitting with ball fillers, product fillers, valve fitters, valve sensing, clinchers, product fillers and fuel gas fillers. Depending on the performance requirement, the machines can be individually fitted and adjusted. Output: up to approx. 60 cans/min. (Up to 120 cans/min with the double version)

MVS 24 valve conveyor and fitter for tinplate valves

Elevator/cap feeder

CAP 60 cap fitter, output: approx. 60 units/min

HP 1000 cap sorter, output: approx. 50 units/min (sorting output dependent on cap shape)

DAT 1000 can placement table

KS 700 cap sorter: caps from 1 to 65mm

Conveyor belts with continuously variable drive

Oscillating conveyor for spray nozzles as well as other bulk goods Output: on enquiry

Can buffer tables and buffer disks

SP50: spray nozzle fitter

for sorting and fitting disc-filling spray nozzles and spray nozzles with small tubes and FAN nozzles. Output: Up to 70 units/min. Spray nozzle sorting optionally electronic or pneumatic.

T4/60: 4x 340ml fuel gas dosing in a stainless steel frame